Kombi Engines

Kombi Engines

Petrol and Cordless KombiEngines to fulfil your needs. If you need further help finding the right KombiEngine to fit your needs, give us a call.

KombiSystem accessories from STIHL are designed to make a range of tasks easier. For example, the Kombi carry bag is ideal for storing and transporting your KombiSystem. The HT comfort harness ensures you can work for longer periods with increased comfort. 

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KM 111 R Kombi Engine

1.05 KW / 1.45 HP POWERFUL KOMBI ENGINEFor landscapers and property maintenance. Economical, high torque 4-MIX?? engine with simplified starting. Comp...
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KM 131 R* Kombi Engine

1.4 KW / 1.9 HP HIGH- PERFORMANCE KOMBI ENGINEPowerful engine for professional use. Economical, high torque 4-MIX engine with simplified starting. Lar...
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KM 56 RC-E Kombi Engine

0.8 KW / 1.1 HP KOMBI ENGINE WITH ERGOSTARTEasy-to-operate KombiEngine for tackling a wide range of garden tasks. Compatible with all 12 attachments t...
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KM 94 RC-E Kombi Engine

0.9 KW / 1.2 KOMBI ENGINE WITH ERGOSTART AND ECOSPEEDSimple to start KombiEngine, designed for use in a wide range of applications. Compatible with al...
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